Welcome to the True Run Media School Choice Guide Portal.
If you do not know the URL for your content, please contact editors@truerun.com.

Guidelines reminder:

  • Text: Leave your changes to the text in the comments box below. All changes or amendments must be made here and not through email.
  • Picture: The school picture for the magazine must be uploaded below. Please make sure the file name starts with the name of your school and is of decent quality.
  • Content changes and sign off: All changes must be made before November 21, then signed off with the comment "I hereby confirm that all profile content is correct" (includes picture and text)
  • PDF: After you have completed the changes to your school profile, we will create a PDF of the magazine layout and provide it above for download. Final approval is made with the comment "I hereby approve the provided magazine layout"


  • 文字修改: 请在下方“留言框”(comments)中留言,指出需要修改的具体栏目及文字信息,请不要提交贵校的全部信息在留言框中。
  • 图片更新: 请通过以下“上传附件”按钮,于11月21日之前提交贵校的新照片。照片请以贵校英文名字命名,照片尺寸不低于1M(具体要求请参见邮件)。
  • 确认网页信息: 截止到11月21日,您检查、核实编辑更新后的贵校信息并确认无误后,请务必在留言框留言:“我已完成所有信息和图片的修改,在此确认。”
  • 确认杂志信息PDF: 检查、核实刊登在杂志上的PDF并确认无误后,请务必在留言框留言:“我已核对完我校PDF页面,可以印刷。”